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sol lewitt : a web interpretation of installation artist sol lewitt's work. i wanted to combine two things: the kinetic energy of gifs from internet art and the architectural and minimalist wall installations of lewitt. the splash page references lewitt's common practice of sending a list of instructions to gallery installations rather than installing himself. made in 2017 for web design class.

gettin' .giffy : seriously, one of my favorite things about the early internet aesthetic are the tiny frenetic sparkling gifs that would make up tiled backgrounds of geo cities pages everywhere. this site was an excuse for me to build a really simple sorting algoritm that only kind of works. made in 2017.

have an opinion : inspired by my eternal frustration for when people are not opinionated (specifically when people say 'ohh i'm not really interested in politics' ps please vote). this site is *kind of* a game based on this-or-that games and moral quandries. the user must continuously click one of the two choices within 10 seconds or face being called a coward. the point of the site is to force the user to make decisions/have opinions but it comes off way too harsh and too shame-y. as my mom pointed out, 'it doesn't really reward you for having an opinion. i did about 20 rounds before getting frustrated that i couldn't win.' made in 2017.

inspreel : one of the projects in my design studio was to make an insp reel, so obviously, i made a website. i took a selection of my influences, embedding them within frames, and then did a screen recording to egg by shoe (an absolute banger). made in 2017.

weather app : in a web design class, we were given a javascript weather app and told to design visuals for each weather condition. i took the keyword combinations and plugged them into google images then tiled one of the top 5 images, which yielded some really interesting results (example: look for a place that's hot and raining). made in 2017.

#heartdog : the site for a sticker campaign based on spreading a little positivity through dogs with heart bodies. includes a submission page, which i wanted to eventually create an embedded canvas where you could draw and submit in browser. however, the project is currently inactive. made in 2018.

talk lk u mean it : the website for my senior thesis, a book about the linguistics of webspeak. the site is basic at the moment, with way-too-long text pages for each chapter of the book. it does have a fun js function where emojis will cover the screen if they aren't clicked away, but i should really add an off button so you can read the book. made in 2018.

2018 portfolio : my portfolio site from 2018, with design inspired by brutalist web design and early web aesthetics. it also includes a combination of student and client work. made in 2018.

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